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Bucharest, 140 Constantin Noica Street, sector 6


     Buildings raised between 1930 and 1937, they have been submitted to functional modifications since 1984, in order to adjust them to our profile institution requirements. This resulted in a delimitation of the instruction spaces, students’ hostels, the canteen and other rooms used by the teaching staff and the administrative personnel. More than 80% out of the institutional activities are carried out in this location.

     A first rehabilitation of the instruction spaces began in 1992, with the construction of some outdoor fields for sports games and the modernization of the athletic, shooting and fencing rooms.

     In 2001, we started the rehabilitation of some other spaces, such as methodical rooms, but also the construction of new locations destined to the teaching and practical-methodical processes, in parallel with the hygienic cleaning and the outfit of the existing ones. The multifunctional sports games hall was renovated, it currently providing excellent conditions for students’ training and the organization of official competitions.

     In 2003, we started the building consolidation, namely the capital repairs of the H and F quarters, exclusively assigned to the teaching process.

     Nowadays, both the teaching spaces and students’ hostels are completely modernized at the European standards, providing ideal instruction, relaxation and comfort conditions.


The headquarters include:

                    • Local education authority and et Secretariat offices
                    • Administrative offices;
                    • Interdisciplinary Research Center;
                    • Computerized library;
                    • Conference, seminar and methodical rooms, laboratories;
                    • Sports games outdoor field;
                    • Sports games hall, artistic and rhythmic gyms, fitness and combat gyms;
                    • Student campus ;
                    • Discobolus Printing and Publishing House.

24 April, 2018
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