Our journal in various ways of presentation has a history of more than 30 years. Until the 80’s, the National Academy of Physical Education and Sports edited the Palestra and beginning with 1989, the ANEFS Journal.
         In 1995 the journal changed its title in Discobolul – the ANEFS Journal, with a biannual appearance.
         Starting with June 2005, a new graphic and editorial approach was made possible, under the present title: DISCOBOLUL-ANEFS JOURNAL OF CULTURE, EDUCATION, SPORT AND KINESITHERAPY, having a quarterly appearance.
         All this time the publication has gained a certain scientific quality, also proved by an editorial board including prestigious scientists, members of the Romanian Academy of sciences, academic staff from French, Italian or English universities, all being directly involved in the editorial process. We raised the quality standards, the approached topics became more diversified and last, but not least, most of the studies are written in English or French. Also, the abstracts and the key-words are translated in these languages.
         The editorial policy pursues the multidisciplinary approach of studying different types of physical activities, facilitating communication across all sub-disciplines of the motor sciences.
         Even from the beginning the journal has been distributed to all important Romanian libraries, as well as to foreign universities, like University of Artois-Nice, France, University of Milan, Chisinau- Moldavia.
         The theoretical and practical value of the scientific studies included has brought our journal a wide recognition among trainers, PE teachers, physical therapists, club managers or students in the area of motor sciences.
         Renowned personalities published in our journal, throughout the years: Professor MD Gh. Burnei, Academician Ctin Popa, (medical sciences), Cristian Topescu (sport journalism), Cristian Gaţu, Octavian Belu (coaching staff), prof.univ.dr. I.Bâtlan, conf. Bernard Massiera (France- human sciences).
         Discobolul journal has its own link, so that everyone can access the abstracts of the articles published in the last 3 years. In 2008, Discobolul was registered in the Index Copernicus Journal Master List, from Poland. Starting 2009, Discoboluil is included in prestigious international data base, such as The British Library, from London.
         Since 2008, subscriptions have been available, on both national and international levels.